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Tips to Enhance Vocabulary

Having a strong knowledge of vocabulary is very essential. To get a strong knowledge about your academic language, you need to build a good and strong vocabulary. Its necessity can not only be stressed enough in the writing of your examination paper, but it is also necessary for enhancing your command over the English Language. If you really want to learn good knowledge of vocabulary, you need to practice it as much as possible.


Following are some handy tips to enhance your vocabulary:


Students need to get introduced to a rich source of vocabulary. You can start by teaching words having the same root, but used diversely. Students will be able to make connections among these works and will be able to grasp the fundamental idea.


Students who are blessed with strong comprehension skills, are believed to have a clear idea about word roots, suffixes, prefixes etc.. Through simple conversation and by focusing on words,such students’ families can provide them help in improving the knowledge. As much as possible, read with them, talk with them, hearing as well as reading are two excellent options. Through your everyday conversation, let them experience some new words.


By engaging them in children’s literature you can also help them in improving their vocabulary.


Children are always curious, you need to create the format according to their curiosity, their questions, their eagerness, etc. It will provide them a great help in enhancing the vocabulary knowledge as well as some aspects of science as well.


Picking the right word could be difficult. Which word is required for your child, you need to decide. Then prepare a list of the key words that you need to teach them. There are various books are available in the market. You can pick one of them or even you can go through internet to gather some related knowledge.


While you are teaching them a new word you need to pronounce it clearly first, then explain it accordingly in a child friendly way, then make them enthusiastic by providing personal examples that children can relate to.


Quiz shows are also a very useful option for increasing your kid’s vocabulary knowledge. There are various types of quiz shows shown in TV which can provide vast stores of vocabularies on various aspects.


One of the easier way to improve vocabulary is using grids to map meanings of words and establish the ways in which words are often related to one another. The grid helps students in identifying relationships among words and thereby grasp the meaning of the various concepts. It has a positive impact on the comprehension and vocabulary skills of a child. This is a way of showing how works can have similar meanings and can also be different. It underlines the concept that there is a uniqueness about each word. It takes the help of the knowledge reserve of students and through discussions educate them more about the meaning of words.


originalVisual organizer can encourage the vocabulary development. Most of these organizers are able to attract students in improving the knowledge of synonyms as well as definition, antonyms etc.



Semantic mapping helps in establishing proper systems that will help their realization of vocabulary and concepts too. By creating prior knowledge about some topic, it helps the students by improving their critical thinking and vocabulary skill.