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Tips for Improving English Grammar

Grammar is one of the most important component of one’s language, because it assists in expressing your ideas in a better way and makes it possible for others to understand what you are trying to say. Sometimes people are inherently very aware about the grammatical rules , however, when it comes to using them in writing they get really confused.

Though there are some easy ways to get rid of this error, nonetheless it depends on individuals, how fast he/she can get used to these rules.


Speak in English as much as you can:

Practice makes a man perfect. If you really want to improve your English then you need to practice more. In your regular life you can do so by trying to converse in English as much as possible.That way you will put to use some of these rules in the sentences that you speak.

Identify common mistakes.

Try to find out some common mistakes that we usually do. Identify the grammar points, which turn out to be really frequently problematic for speakers of your native language & put some extra effort in learning those points and avoiding those errors.

Online Grammar Lessons:

To make your English grammar perfect you need to practice each point until you get a satisfactory result. If required go for some English grammar book. There are various websites available which offer grammar lessons.

Work upon your Reading Habit :

Sometimes it might be difficult to understand every word, however, the more you read there is an even greater scope of improving your English. Reading & writing are interlinked & your reading knowledge, usually transfer to your writing ability. Initially start with what you would like to read & then go for different options like blogs, journals, short stories, newspaper etc.

Improve your Writing Skills:

Along with your daily writing work, try to go for some extra practice. It will help you in the long run. The more you write there is a greater scope of improvement in your English grammar.

Find a tutor:

Along with the mentioned options you can hire a good English teacher too. However, there are various websites available who offer reasonably good free grammar checker.

Ask for advice:

Do not hesitate to ask for advice. It could be a person very well versed in English or any other native English speaker. Their advice could help you in enhancing your standard by putting the right grammatical rule in the right scenario.

Make Dictionary your Best Friend:

Don’t forget to use a dictionary, if you really want to enhance the standard of your English writing. A dictionary can really broaden your horizon by providing you the meanings and alternatives for various words and also show you how a word can be used in various contexts.

Watching an English program:

Watching an English program on television is another very useful option for improving our grammar. American English is a little bit different from British English.Sometimes even grammar & spelling can also vary in between these two countries. However, at the end, it provides you complete support in improving your English.